Why hire an architect?

An architect can help “guide” you through the process. The architect is trained to offer design input for the interior and exterior design and assist in material selection and construction details.

The architect will develop a complete set of construction documents that serve as the communication tool for construction which helps to minimize questions and problems that may arise during construction. (this will help to reduce overall costs and headaches)

A house is the biggest investment of one’s life and it is important to assure that a value in service is offered to provide the maximum benefit to the client.

Why hire SD Atelier Architecture?

We have a long track record of working with custom residential projects and happy clients to prove it. Our skills offer a complete, responsive and efficient service. The two Principal Architects work closely with clients directly and offer quality sensitive design with a knowledge of current building science techniques. This offers value to the client which reflects in the final product.

What is the process?

SD Atelier Architecture offers services which are broken down into five phases for a full service package.

Phase I – Schematic Design
Phase II –Design Development
Phase III –Construction Documents
Phase IV –Bidding/ Contract Negotiation
Phase V –Construction Administration

What are typical architecture fees?

Standard in the Industry can range from 3-10 percent of the Construction Cost depending on the size and scope of the project and Phases the architect is involved with. SD Atelier Architecture provides a custom proposal for each client after understanding the specific needs, goals and services. We break out our fee for Phase I and II initially based on hourly rates with a maximum guarantee cost. After Design Development is complete, we can solidify a fee for Phase III – Construction Documents Phase IV – V are invoiced hourly on an as needed basis.

What is the typical cost of construction?
This is a question that can vary based on the pricing of materials, the time of year a project is being done, local economic conditions and complexity and size of the project. It is important to realize that one must account for finished conditioned space and unconditioned space (i.e., garage, basement and exterior porches / decks). The square foot cost can be used for only initial preliminary rough budgets. Recent costs have been on the average between $180 – $250/ square foot for conditioned space on residential projects.
How long does the process take?
SD Atelier Architecture has found that the process is highly contingent on the client and a steady line of communication. We typically like to meet every 2 weeks during the design phase and at least twice during the Construction Document phase. In doing so, we have found it best to allow 6-8 weeks for Schematic Design and Design Development and 8-10 weeks for Construction Drawings. This can be adjusted to move quicker provided everyone is working cohesively as a team.
What makes a successful project?
Clear goals, expectations and communication from all parties involved. A realistic budget that can be discussed during the process. Respect and overall trust among all parties involved.